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Live & Local is a not-for-profit arts organisation working with a
network of voluntary groups across Derbyshire, Staffordshire,
Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and

 Leicestershire. We provide a range of support for arts activities that
keep people in touch with their communities and enhance their quality of

The Kirk Langley Village Hall Committee is proud to be a Live and Local promoter on behalf of the Kirk Langley community and we hope you will be able to come along and enjoy the wonderfully diverse and exciting acts that are on offer. For more information and details of other shows in the region go to their website.

 Our programme for the 2019-20 season continues:


Thursday 27 February 2020:

Piano Divas, featuring Wendy Kirkland Quartet

Audiences recognise great jazz when they hear it, and Wendy Kirkland promises finely finessed excellence in her latest show, ‘Piano Divas’. It’ll take you on a sonic journey to the low-lit clubs of New York where jazz spills out onto street corners and music aficionados are king. Shades and cigarettes are, however, optional!

Derbyshire born and bred Kirkland began playing piano at age 10 and has continued to be a student of the genre, with influences ranging from the traditional touchpoints like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald, right through to insider favourites like Eliane Elias and Michel Petrucciani. Her voice has even been likened to Blossom Dearie, with a hint of Diana Krall. It is this commitment to the greats that has inspired her latest offering; a tribute to the very best female pianist singers of jazz expressed in Kirkland’s uniquely engaging performance style and ‘highly accomplished piano playing’ (The JazzMan).

Following the studio release of ‘Piano Divas’ in 2017, overwhelmingly positive reviews demanded that Kirkland take the project on the road. As part of a touring four-piece, Kirkland chimes easily with audiences who are typically turned off by instrumental jazz as she is a clear communicator through song, and her performance style is notable for its mellow and stylish approach. The Observer Magazine’s Dave Gelly has become a notable champion, hailing the album as a ‘very classy debut’ - one that is an easy win with rural audiences around the country.






Saturday 4 April 2020:

No Hit Wonders, featuring Mumbo Jumbo

Their show, ‘No Hit Wonders’ brings Oliver Carpenter, Chris Lomas and Phil Bond, all established lead vocalists together to produce complex tight harmonies and some great songs despite the title. They play nine instruments between them and have curated an evening of musical textures, sounds and flavours. They are twice nominated in the British Blues Awards for song writing and performance.

They describe themselves as being ‘on the edge of the big time for over 40 years’ with their wit and tongue-in-cheek style a delight for audiences. Mumbo-Jumbo has developed ‘No Hit Wonders’, a brand-new show specifically designed for the intimate atmosphere of the village hall following on from the successful ‘Troubadours & Raconteurs’ show. Having performed over 60 Rural Touring gigs, they embrace the unique and special settings that village halls offer. If that’s not enough…everyone gets a kazoo!

Their 2017/18 festival schedule included a range of Blues, Folk and Jazz Festivals: Scarborough Blues, Keswick Jazz & Blues, Nantwich Jazz & Blues, Three Choirs, Jinney Ring Folk, Bromsgrove Folk and Upton Jazz showcasing the breadth of their accessibility to a range of audiences.

Expect to hear: The song that nearly made it to the Eurovision Song Contest but didn’t; The song written for the Mavericks but in the end they didn’t record it; the reasons why we are twice nominated in the British Blues Awards but are yet to win one and dependent o
n the season, the four new Christmas singles yet to set the seasonal airwaves on fire. They will deliver on an exceptional evening.


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